Highly qualified staff administers the management of the company that all have over 16 years experience in manufacturing of urethane. AGL Engineering first opened its doors for business in 2006 as a new entrant in the highly competitive urethane industry.

The members experience and expertise was gained from working in the pump industry with leading local and international companies, coupled with extensive training in manufacture, repairing, installation, sales and marketing.
Sludge and Slurry Pumps in all types of applications have proven to perform with far greater life and perform better for a longer period of time, when using our linings.
Polyurethanes or Urethanes are terms that are used interchangeably for a family of elastomers that were invented as ‘artificial rubbers’ during World War II. Polyurethane elastomers are a unique breed of engineering materials that combine the advantages of rigid plastics, metals and ceramics with the flexibility and elasticity of rubber.

The leadership and management team

With a total staff complement of eight. Key personnel of the team are:

Magriet Naude (Managing Member)

A highly experienced and trained manager that form the administrative backbone of AGL Engineering. Magriet performs many functions that include planning of production, generating quotations, purchasing, invoicing and leasing with customers.

Louis Naude (General Manager)

A multi-skilled generalist with vast experience and factory training in the assembly and repair of submersible pumps, Louis ensures quality repair and testing of fixed pumps, timeous delivery of finished work to clients and general adherence to high quality standards of work processes within PPE (Powerpump Engineering). He also has an interest and commitment to training and skills transfer.

Louis has more than 30 years of pump engineering and urethane experience and this stands him in good stead when attending technical queries and breakdowns on and offsite.

Gideon Gacula

With over 16 years of urethane experience in working out casting formulas, monitoring the shore hardness of products, casting and general, monitoring the shore hardness of products, casting and general production. Gideon has experience in the following fields:


AGL Engineering lining refurbishment and re-engineering of wear parts to be of world-class craftsmanship through the satisfaction of customer requirements by delivering a quality, value for money product, with service levels of at least 90% and to remain the market leader



AGL Engineering’s main goal is to be happy, profitable business that upgrades the quality of life of everybody that is associated with it.

Company Overview

AGL Engineering was started in 2006 with its main main purpose to repair, recondition, lining, manufacturing and re-engineering of wear parts with a composite of Urethane. We are centrally situated in Boksburg with a well-equipped workshop of 800sq.m.
The company provides products and services to the following industries in South Africa:


AGL Engineering is the market leader in Urethane engineering in South Africa.

Business Services Offered:

Repair and refurbishment of valves and wear parts
Manufacture of veriase, urethane, linings and components.

AGL Engineering's blue chip customers include